A couturier of today, heir to a unique know-how ...

This unique know-how is the precise, meticulous, extremely sophisticated technique of Couture craftsmanship that he learned from his father.

He adopted that taste for absolute Beauty that can only be handcrafted, that demand for Couture and perfection down to the slightest detail, and that need for customization enabling him to offer women clothes that highlight their personality and stylize their appearance.

His very exceptional know-how allows him to desacralize the noblest materials, gracing them with new modernity while preserving their luxurious sumptuousness.

For BARTHET, Alexandre draws inspiration from modern-day life.


“Couture, like any art, is always evolving. I often observe the clothes women wear on the street. The Couture clientele is getting younger. I design clothing for women barely out of their teens, but with the sophistication of the Couture.”

With strength, innovation and extravagance, Alexandre Barthet blends street art with the art of the Couture. With unbridled imagination, he draws inspiration from every trend and ethnic influences from various continents to create original, fun, exciting clothing, in sync with contemporary mindsets.With extreme sophistication, he reinvents embroidery and lace for mini-dresses as light as dreams, lamé jeans and inlaid boleros.

He tears muslin into strips, reveals thighs and attains extravagance with diamond-interlaced mink hats. Chic, futuristic and luxurious, BARTHET’s fashion is trendy and festive, adorned with feathers, rhinestones and sequins. His muse is young, very feminine, sensual, glamorous, unabashedly cheerful. In her skin-tight mini-skirts and stiletto heels, she is, without a doubt, a modern-day woman.